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Fly London - Special Forces Line

Fly London outlets is the premier online shopping outlet for all types of footwear. With our large selection of shoes, and other types of footwear we have all kinds of styles that are suitable foe your everyday needs. Of our many specialty lines, the special forces line of shoes are designed for the ruggedness and durability that its wearers will demand. These high quality boots are made in Portugal and come in many styles which include but are not limited to Rug, Kraft, and Swope styles. While our special forces line have no clear gender designation they are designed to provide both women and men with comfort. Fly London outlets special forces collection is made in Portugal and designed to be worn by both men and women. As a company Fly London prides itself in top notch shoe sales and excellent customer service. Our shoes are designed with gender equality in mind so that women can have their footwear supply them with maximum comfort.