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Fly London outlets is the premier online destination for shoes and women's footwear. Featuring a range of styles, designs, and colours, it is hoped that we will become your one stop shop for your footwear needs in all weather.

No matter where you are women should always have the right type of shoes for the job. Of the many types of footwear sandals, are a must have accessory for your wardrobe. Sandals provide the wearer with comfort and elegance that is unmatched by any other type of shoe.

Fly London collection

At Fly London outlets we sell some of the finest thong sandals to be made. Our thong sandals come in many styles which include but are not limited to Nubuck, Rug, Brue, and Bany. With our large selection of thong sandals we are confident that you will find a pair of sandals which will suit your needs. Fly London outlets is the premier online destination for footwear and other shoe based products. We pride ourselves on selling high quality products with great customer service.